Bonus & Goodies

We always have different promotions and discounts for our customers

  • Regular customer discounts (for customers)

    If you have bought a doll from us and then buy it again later, you will get a 10% discount on the second doll. Then buy a third, get it on this 20% discount.

  • Partner discounts (for customers)

    Have you met one of our Dolls at one of our partners (Studio, Club, Shop etc) and then you want to buy the doll completely with us, they always get 25 € discount. The partner should find a blackboard with a number. You must enter this number when buying in the shop.

  • Accessory discount (for customers)

    Every customer who once bought a doll from us, gets a discount of 10% on every accessory that he buys later in the shop.

  • Partner bonus (for partners)

    Would you like to offer our dolls for your customers? Whether in the club, in the bar or in the erotic store, the lifelike dolls of Hotlivedoll are a win everywhere. We will gladly equip you with matching copies from our offer. Just drop us an email or give us a call and we talk about the